Silvia Alcantara was born 1966 in Brazil and lives as a freelance photographer in Brussels, Belgium. She started working on her personal photo projects 2010, concentrating her work on contemporary photography.


Fotografia Documental Pro – VivaRua, Brazil, (2020 – 2022)

Histories of Contemporary Photography/Histórias da fotografia Contemporânea  – fotoeditorial, with Eder Chiodetto, 2020, Brazil

Mentoring group: Coordinator Claudio Feijó, 2020, Brazil

Histories of Photography in Brazil/Histórias da fotografia no Brasil – fotoeditorial, with Eder Chiodetto, 2020, Brazil

Think and Create Video Art/Pensar e Criar Videoarte – fotoeditorial, with Anna da Costa e Silva, 2020, Brazil

l’atelier photographique Bruxel, Art et Technique,   (2019-2020)

Post graduation in photography – Uniara (2019-2020)

Artistic Residence (2019) – Cine Luso Residence, Belgium

Sentidos da Pele/Sens de la peau, Gal Oppido, 2018, Brazil

l’atelier photographique Bruxel, Art et Technique,  Belgium (2017-2018)

Contemporary photography coaching program MasterClass with Nestan Nijaradze and Klavdij Sluban, 2015 – 2016, Paris, France

Photography mentoring program with Vinicius Matos, 2013 – 2015, Brazil

Introspective Landscape with Björn Abelin, 2012, Sweden

Photography program at Folkuniversitetet – Sweden, 2011 – 2012

Master’s degree program in mathematics education at Federal University of Parana – Brazil, 2007


Passé Composé
And now, you “And now you.” is a short film produced as part of a multidisciplinary creative residency process during the 2019 edition, the theme of which was the environment in approach with literature.

Sur la route
The light that doesn’t turn off
The hidden half is nature
Illustrations de l’Indonésie
Lebak Bulus
Spirits of Bali


Passé Composé – Galery Verhaeren, Belgium (coming exhibition, dez 2020)

Film residence Cine Luso 2019, Brussels, Belgium, And now, you – Direction of Photography and still

Sur la Route – Galery Verhaeren, Belgium (exhibition, 2018)

Tbilisi Night of Photography, Tbilisi, Georgia (slide show exhibition, 2016)

Archives of Mediatheque of Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum (serie The Lights that doesn’t turn off, Norrbotten) at

Golden Lens nominated, Inspiration Photographers, Brazil, (2015)

L’Oeil de la Photographie  (publication, 2015)

Landskap – Gallery Dobre, Stockholm, Sweden (exhibition, 2013)

With Photo – Gallery Mix, Stockholm, Sweden (exhibition, 2013)

Linslut – Gallery Dobre, Stockholm, Sweden (exhibition, 2012)

Nordic Light  (publication, 2012)

Hit & Dit (publication, 2012)


The Light that doesn’t turn off/A luz que não se apaga, 2016 – artist book

The hidden half is nature/A metade escondida é natureza, 2016 – artist book

Mönster från Öland – self-published, 2012