The pictures in this project are mostly taken during the years 2010 to 2016 in the north of Sweden. In the winter it’s very cold and dark, but the snow gives a very beautiful soft light, even in the night when the moon touches the snow. As a Brazilian and immigrant in this beautiful country, I was fascinated with the loneliness of that white and luminous landscape. The traces of color are gradually being replaced by shades of blue. I was fascinated. At some moments, when I was photographing, I just heard my breath and I felt completely involved contemplating a space that seemed fictitious to me. It was like a meditation garden, the line between sky and earth seemed was lost. It wasn’t my homeland but, even without belonging, I was connected. The light remained on.

Silvia Alcantara,

Brussels 2016

The full serie is displayed in the multimedia archives of Mediatheque of Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum. If you are interested in some printed photos, please contact me at